Farm to School is growing in Mississippi! This wonderful program, which is a win win win for farmers, schools, and communities, needs cooperation and attention from advocates to expand.

You can support farm to school by helping connect local growers to your school district, by volunteering at farm to school events, and by staying in touch with what’s going on across the state by signing up for our newsletter, participating in our monthly phone calls, and following us on Facebook.

Check out the resources below for information on how YOU can support farm to school in Mississippi. Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter, and join in on our monthly phone calls and regional meetings to learn more.

School Gardens

Grants Up For Grabs

4 Steps To Cultivating a School Garden Program

7 Steps to Creating a School Garden

Community Garden Start Up Guide

Slow Food USA School Garden Guide


Refine Your Classroom Health Initiatives with Go NAPSACC

Fresh Start Lessons and Guide Book

We Dig It! 5th Grade Math School Garden Curriculum

Procurement and School Cafeterias

How to Talk to a Farmer About Procuring for Schools:  A Guide for School Food Administrators

Addressing Dietetic Internship Competencies through Local Food and Farm to School

Farm to Preschool: Getting Started with Local Foods Purchasing from EcoTrust

A Step-by-Step Guide To Purchasing Mississippi Products

Program Examples

Carrot Camp Snack Recipes from Good Food for Oxford Schools

USDA Geographic Preference Fact Sheet

Farm to School: Case Study, Boulder Valley School District

Program Example: Growing Healthy Waves at the Tupelo Public School District

Program Example: Good Food for Oxford Schools at the Oxford School District


Grants Up For Grabs

The Year in Farm to School

The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network

Mississippi Association of Cooperatives

Food Corps

Life Lab

Slow Food USA

The Lunch Box

Mississippians Engaged in Greener Agriculture

The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi

Mississippi Food Policy Council

Delta Fresh Foods

Mississippi State Department of Health Farm to School

Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce Farm to School

Mississippi State Extension Agency

The National Farm to School Network

Research and Fact Sheets

Refine Your Classroom Health Initiatives with Go NAPSACC

The Year in Farm to School

USDA Selling Local to Schools Fact Sheet

USDA Resource for Buying Local Fact Sheet

USDA Using DOD to Buy Local Fact Sheet

USDA 10 Facts About Local Food in School Cafeterias

Request for Information Basics for FSDs

Mississippi Farm Food Safety Checklist

Mississippi Growing Calendar

Mississippi Farm to School Interagency Council Progress Report

Expanding Farm to School in Mississippi: Analysis and Recommendations by Harvard Law School

News for Mississippi Advocates

Simplify Child Care Health Initiatives with Go NAPSACC

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